Laminate Kitchen Worktops by Exceed Kitchens

Below are images of laminate kitchen worktops available for supply and fit, laminate kitchen worktops are a great buy because they are very durable and a cheaper option to say Bushboard, M Stone and real wooden kitchen worktops. We have been working with laminate kitchen worktops for over 30 years so we pretty much know everything there is to know about laminate kitchen worktops.

Here are some reasons why laminate is a good choice for your worktops:

  • Easy to install saving you time on the overall kitchen installation
  • Durable and long lasting, these laminate worktops can withstand the day to day chopping and banging and still maintain their look throughout. Great for buy kitchens.
  • Cheaper than other worktops, this doesn’t always mean not as good, just cheaper and with the right installation won’t look cheap either.

Have a look at our laminate kitchen worktops below and if you see something you like just get in touch with us today