Adding an infusion of colour and contemporary ambience, iGlass will enhance any style of kitchen. Smooth, seamless and practical, iGlass is naturally hygienic and simple to maintain; its ultra-clean, non-porous surface cannot harbour germs or bacteria.

iGlass modular elements are made in 6mm safety backed glass, which has been rigorously tested for performance under heat. Completely shatterproof, they conform to all relevant British safety standards (BS6206 and PREN 12600) and will always remain bonded to the wall. iGlass is structurally very strong when installed and takes a huge impact to break (in the region of 35 Newton’s of force); so safety is assured.

To make installation of iGlass as simple as possible, a self-adhesive backing is applied during manufacture which is guaranteed not to degrade. The procedure of peeling and bonding panels to the wall means that you can apply in seconds. Coloured glass panels create virtually seamless joints and are easily cut with a standard diamond tipped tile cutter. Modular 140mm high upstands are designed specifically to fit underneath all power sockets for trouble free, fast installation.

Available “off the shelf” in 13 contemporary colours and 5 sizes, iGlass hob panels and upstands are innovative, easy to install and affordable

  • Fuschia Pink
  • Fuschia Pink1
  • Steel Grey
  • Steel Grey1

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