Axiom® by Formica Group is a stunning range of worktops, upstands and splashbacks that feature unique designs, partnered with premium surface finishes. Axiom® worktops and accessories allow your dream kitchen to become a reality.

All decors in the Axiom® range are available as worktops (profiled on one edge), as breakfast bars (profiled on two edges) and as matching upstands. Selected decors are also available as matching splashbacks and in addition, there are nine complementary splashbacks.

  • PP2253 Diamond Black SCO worktop, BB and upstand, PP1340 White MAT splashback
  • PP5013 Black Fleck CR worktop and upstand, PP8951 Brushed Auminium MET splashback
  • PP6272 Kerala Granite AET worktop and upstand
  • PP6279 Bali Wood FWD BB, PP1340 White MAT worktop
  • PP6282 Citrine LUS worktop, BB and upstand
  • PP6357 Black Storm AB61 worktp and BB
  • PP6360 Swedish Oak PGN worktop PP1340 White SCO BB
  • PP6361 Walnut Microplank MAT worktop, PP5341 Wasabi AB61 splashback
  • PP6365 Paloma White AB61 worktop, BB and upstand, PP6353 Frosted Jade splashback
  • PP6368 Paloma Cream MAT worktop, BB and upstand, PP2200 Dark Chocolate AB61 splashback
  • PP6369 Black Sequoia SCO BB
  • PP6370 Breccia Marrone AHD BB, PP1340 White SCO BB, PP6370 Breccia M. worktop
  • PP6371 Breccia Pacifica AHD worktop and upstand, PP6907 Amarena AB61 splashback
  • PP6695 Shadow Oak PGN Worktop and BB

Design & Colour

Choose from one of 60 designs in the Axiom by Formica Group range and let your dream kitchen come to life. Granite, wood, stone, plain and subtle patterned designs are available in a range of stunning colours.


Honed is a highly tactile finish that emulates the look and feel of brushed matt stone.


Subtle highs and lows breathe  life into Scovato textured worktops, creating beautiful, smooth kitchen surfaces.


Bring an element of sparkle toyour kitchen surfaces with Lustre. This unique texture captures the translucent effect of quartz particles found in natural stone


Subtle surface detail highlighted by a soft polished sheen gives an authentic granite look to the etchings collection


A sophisticated texture that offers a delicate shimmer


High gloss worktops offer a perfect luxury finish for stones and woods


Partnered with designs inspired by natural materials, Matte58 delivers a clean and modern look


Available in four beautiful wood species, Puregrain is a smooth, linear,woodgrain with a super natural look


The detailed wood graining in Finewood is a stunning feature of this texture, giving you a natural yet premium wood finish

Single post form

4100 x 600

3600 x 600

3050 x 600

1800 x 600

Dual post form

4100 x 665          4100 x 900

3600 x 665          3600 x 900

2050 x 665          2050 x 900

1800 x 665          1800 x 900


3030 x 1210 x 8


3030 x 100 x 20

  • Black Fleck PP5013 CR
  • Calcium PP1330 CR
  • Charcoal Splatter PP4385 CR
  • Diamonte PP5705 CR
  • Everest PP5568 CR
  • Jet PP5518 CR
  • Sicilian Granite PP4266 CR
  • Warm Splatter PP4462 CR
  • Butterum Granite PP6614 AET
  • Grigio Granite PP6273 AET
  • Jamocha Granite PP6617 AET
  • Kerala Granite PP6272 AET
  • Travertine PP3526 AET
  • Ubatuba Granite PP6616 AET
  • Bali Wood PP6279 FWD
  • Ebony Block PP6277 FWD
  • Padua Oak PP6278 FWD
  • Black Storm X0094 Gloss
  • Butterum Granite PP6614 AB61
  • Everest PP5568 AB61
  • Golden Olivewood PP6271 AB61
  • Jamocha Granite PP6617 AB61
  • Paloma White_Gloss X0101
  • Serene PP5963 AB61
  • Basalt Slate PP3690 AHD
  • Breccia Marone_Honed_X0104
  • Breccia Pacifica_Honed_X0105
  • Desert Sandstone PP6276 AHD
  • Cappucino Stone PP6283 LUS
  • Citrine PP6282 LUS
  • Imperial White PP6281 LUS
  • Midnight Stone PP6280 LUS
  • Avalon Granite_Matte_F6614
  • Bark Microplank_Matte_F6058
  • Blocked Beech PP7581 MAT
  • Brushed Concrete PP6275 Matte
  • Cotswold Beech PP6414 MAT
  • Oriental Block PP0847 MAT
  • Paloma Black_Matte_X0100
  • Paloma Cream_Matte_X0103
  • Paloma Dark Grey_Matte_X0115
  • Paloma Light Grey_Matte_X0102
  • Sherwood Oak PP6785 MAT
  • Walnut Butcherblock PP0911 Matte
  • Walnut Microplank_Matte_X0112
  • Wenge Butcher Block PP6965 MAT
  • Xenon Matte K3737
  • Sauvignon Oak_PG_X0107
  • Scarlet Oak_PG_X0106
  • Shadow Oak_PG_X0099
  • Swedish Oak_PG_ X0108
  • Black Sequoia_Scovato_X0113
  • Diamond Black Scovato_F2253_SCO
  • Slate Sequioa_Scovato_F3462
  • Steel Materia_Scovato
  • White Scovato_PP1340_SCO